September 6, 2020 – Matthew 18:15-20


A 2nd Good Background Video… Matthew (ch. 14-28) – All ages – you’re gonna wanna see this.

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  • Sermons4Kids Children’s Message

  • Children’s Message – Conflict Resolution

Bible Challenge – Matthew 18:1-20

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Music/Video (Where Two or Three – Pre-School) (Christian Folk) (Scripture Song) (Gathered in His Name, piano) (We Gather in His Name, traditional hymn) (When Two or More are Gathered in His Name, Stop Motion Video) (We Gather Together, hymn, virtual ensemble) (As We Gather in His Name, contemporary/praise)

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Activities for Adults & Couples *(This week’s text leans heavily into our relationships with one another, “two or more”, and when reconciliation is needed, that must begin with forgiveness. Give this activity a try when faced with an issue in need of healing).

Activities for Young Adults *(With this week’s text leaning heavily into relationships with one another, it begins with dealing with the need for reconciliation and moves into gathering together in Christ’s name. That gathering doesn’t always have to be serious. Take a look at this activity to be together in joy and light!)

Activities for Teens *(Instead of, or In addition to, the text given in this activity, use our Matthew 18:15-20 text, especially the first part that speaks to the need for reconciliation. Move through the activity considering how we might deal with the need to heal a broken relationship and how that might be approached in light of this text.)

Activities for Young Families *(Differences of thoughts and opinions often start with differences in people’s experiences. Try this activity to see how differences can be wonderful!)


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