September 20, 2020 – Matthew 20:1-16


A 2nd Good Background Video… Matthew (ch. 14-28) – All ages – you’re gonna wanna see this.

  • Link to all the readings for this Sunday:

  • Sermons4Kids Children’s Message

  • Parable of the Workers in the Vinyard – Kid’s Style

Bible Challenge – Matthew 20:1-16

Commentaries & Study Tools


Music/Video (folk original, scripture set to music) (“rap”… cute) (folk original) (Workers in the Vineyard – gospel) (Laborers in the Vineyard – Modern Version) (hand drawn story to music – video) (animated modern take on the Laborers in the Vineyard Parable)

Prayers  (scroll down)


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Activities for Adults & Couples…. and Young Adults

*(Take this opportunity to begin a faith journal. Use this week’s text to start. Use this activity to help guide you and get you started. Consider when starting with this story… what have you experienced this week that has felt unfair. Were you on the receiving end of that unfair treatment? What was “deserved” in the situation? Were you able to see God in that experience? Were you able to see God’s grace revealed through it? Consider these and the suggestions in the activity to get you started).

Activities for Teens

*(Add this week’s text as a 3rd reading to this activity. The first 2 passages speak to Worry and Prayer, respectively. What does this 3rd passage say about God’s “fairness” or grace? Add this to the suggested conversation, as a teen’s world can seem very unfair to them.)

Activities for Young Families

*(Consider a twist on this activity. Make a family chore chart, making sure that the chores are developmentally appropriate to each age. Even the very youngest family member can have some kind of chore. When the conversation comes up about things not being fair, read this week’s scripture. What does “fair” look like in God’s eyes? Just because the youngest family member cannot do as much as the older ones, does that mean they don’t “deserve” the family’s love? God’s grace is freely given. Shouldn’t ours be, too?)


*(interactive devotional – for all ages – written by young people).

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