August 9, 2020 – Matthew 14:22-33


A 2nd Good Background Video… Matthew (ch. 14-28) – All ages – good stuff, take a look!

  • Link to all the readings for this Sunday:

  • Peter Walks on Water (Kid/Teen-style)
  • Peter Walks on Water (Pre-school Style)

Bible Challenge – Matthew 14:13-36

Commentaries & Study Tools


Music/Video (Jesus Walks on Water – pre-school) (Jesus Walks on Water – pre-school) (Footprints on the Water – pre-school/young elementary) (Walk on Water – kids worship/teens) (Walk on Water – kids/teens) (Let Me Walk Upon the Waters – contemporary/worship) (Here Comes Jesus – Country/Praise) (Oceans – Praise/Hillsong) (Walk on the Water – Praise/Britt Nicole) (Walk Upon the Water – Gospel Praise) (Walk on Water – Contemporary Worship/Audio Adrenaline) (Jesus Calls Us O’er the Tumult – Hymn)



*(this podcast also includes lots of resources, including Bible Study and questions, ideas from Pinterest to engage, etc.).

*(this podcast also includes additional resources, such as the additional lectionary readings and commentaries for each reading.

Activities for Adults & Couples  *(When Peter’s faith wavered and he began to sink into the water, Jesus literally gave him a hand. How can you give a hand to someone whose faith may be wavering in hard times?)

Activities for Young Adults  *(Instead of Jonah, as suggested, consider our story for this week of Peter on the water with Jesus. As Jesus became afraid and began to sink, consider how that might have felt and do the activity from Peter’s perspective).

Activities for Teen Families  *(In this activity, add to the readings our text for this week, Matthew 14:22-33. When considering the stress list, consider how it must have felt for Peter to begin to be afraid and start sinking in the water… and consider Jesus’ hand reaching down to pull him back to safety. How might Jesus be asked to help you to safety?).

Activities for Young Families  *(There are lots of stories about water in the Bible. The story for this week has Jesus walking on water… and then Peter getting out of his boat to walk on the water to Jesus… until he gets scared and started to sink. But Jesus was there to reach down and help him to safety. Use this activity to consider all of the ways water is part of our lives… hard ways, good ways and fun ways. Consider how the water may have been hard or scary, and how it was good… and maybe even how it was fun).

Activities/Games for Various Ages (Water Games)  *(Our story this week is one of many in the Bible about water. This link provides access to water games to add a fun connection to our story).


*(interactive devotional – for all ages – written by young people).

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