August 30, 2020 – Matthew 16:21-28


A 2nd Good Background Video… Matthew (ch. 14-28) – All ages – good stuff, take a look!

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Bible Challenge – Matthew 16:21 -17:13

Commentaries & Study Tools

Art  *(slideshow using art for all of this week’s lectionary readings)  *(these are merely images from a Google search. Know that some of them are relative to the text and some images are not. If you have questions regarding any of them, feel free to reach out).

Music/Video (traditional hymn) (contemporary worship) (David Haas – original song) (contemporary/praise) (African Children’s Choir) (traditional hymn, instrumental with lyrics shown)



*(this podcast also includes lots of resources, including Bible Study and questions, ideas to engage in the other lectionary texts, etc.).

*(this podcast also includes additional resources, such as the additional lectionary readings and commentaries for each reading.

Activities for Adults & Couples  *(While the text in this activity references John 15 and “Lay down your life,” it is the same call as our Matthew 16 text of this week to “Take up your cross and follow me.” The cross that Jesus refers to is much more than the difficult life burdens we carry… but is indeed this torturous means of taking a life that was used in Jesus’ time (crucifixion). Jesus is asking the disciples to be willing to lay down their lives for others. Try the linked activity in light of this week’s text).

Activities for Young Adults  *(Add this week’s text to complete this activity. Matthew 16:21-28).

Activities for Teen Families  *(Add this week’s text to complete this activity. Matthew 16:21-28. Consider what Jesus was really asking of his disciples… “To carry their cross and follow me.”)

Activities for Young Families  *(After making your family cross/es, read this week’s text and using your new cross as a visual to gather around, thank God for Jesus, for being able to follow Jesus, and all the things Jesus teaches us and does for us.)

Activities/Games for Various Ages  *(Because Jesus wanted the disciples… and wants us… to “tag team” with him on his journey, maybe tie in a couple of tag games for fun… and to lighten up the mood!)


*(interactive devotional – for all ages – written by young people).

*(Links to daily devotions here. You are also able to sign up for them to be sent to you as an email reminder… if you wish.)