August 23, 2020 – Matthew 16:13-20


A 2nd Good Background Video… Matthew (ch. 14-28) – All ages – good stuff, take a look!

  • Link to all the readings for this Sunday:

  • Links to children’s messages: (Lego-style) (Who is Jesus?)

Bible Challenge – Matthew 15:29 – 16:20

Commentaries & Study Tools

Art *(slideshow using art for all of this week’s lectionary readings)

Music/Video (David Phelps – contemporary) (Pam Mark Hall) (Greg Murai) (New York Community Choir – gospel) (Don Potter – country-feel) (Video – modern day take on the disciples’ discussion of who Jesus is)



*(this podcast also includes lots of resources, including Bible Study and questions, ideas from Pinterest to engage, etc.).

*(this podcast also includes additional resources, such as the additional lectionary readings and commentaries for each reading.

Activities for Adults & Couples *(Instead of the recommended text for this activity, substitute it with… “He said to them, ‘But who do you say that I am?’ Simon Peter answered, ‘You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.’ And as you work your way through the labyrinth, consider the questions… Who is Jesus for me today? Right now? Who do I need Jesus to be right now?)

Activities for Young Adults *(Read our text for this week first. Then, before you answer the questions in this activity about who YOU are, ask yourself who is Jesus to you right now… and then follow through with who YOU are, in Christ.)

Activities for Teen Families *(We may have done the doodle prayer before, but let’s use it for this activity. Instead of using the suggested texts, read this week’s text and answer the question of who Jesus is to you right now… and answer that through doodling).

Activities for Young Families *(As you do this activity, add our scripture reading for this week. Include in your doodling who you feel like Jesus is to you right now).

Activities/Games for Various Ages  *(Use the Who is It? Game to include clues for who Jesus us… and Peter and other disciples).


*(interactive devotional – for all ages – written by young people).*(Links to daily devotions here. You are also able to sign up for them to be sent to you as an email reminder… if you wish.)