August 2, 2020 – Matthew 14:13-21


A 2nd Good Background Video… Matthew (ch. 14-28) – All ages – you’re gonna wanna see this.

  • Link to all the readings for this Sunday:

  • Storytellers – Jesus Feeds 5000 (Kid/Teen-style)
  • Jesus Feeds the 5,000 (Pre-school Style)

Bible Challenge – Matthew 14:13-36

Commentaries & Study Tools


Music/Video (pre-school) (children) (young teens)–0 (gospel) (blues) (gospel) (praise) (country) (hymn)

Prayers (interactive prayer stations – all ages)


*(this podcast also includes lots of resources, including Bible Study and questions, ideas from Pinterest to engage, etc.). Go to link and find the date for the Sunday you wish to study. Click that and you’re golden!

*(this podcast also includes additional resources, such as the additional lectionary readings and commentaries for each reading.

Activities for Adults & Couples *(instead of using the story of the wedding at Cana, as suggested in this activity, use the miracle of the Feeding of the 5,000… how would you answer the same questions?)

Activities for Young Adults

Activities for Teens *(While doing this activity with your family, consider what it was like to be within the crowd of 5,000+. What would that be like? Who would be there? Why do we think it was actually more than 5,000? Who might you be in this story?)

Activities for Young Families *(Instead of, or in addition to, the Psalm reading suggested in this activity, read our scripture for this week about Jesus Feeding the 5,000. Consider how, just like your family may be traveling, many, many people traveled to find Jesus and hear him. In this story, Jesus provided for their needs when they got really hungry while traveling. Take time each day to talk about how Jesus is meeting your needs, as well.)


*(interactive devotional – for all ages – written by young people).*(Links to daily devotions here. You are also able to sign up for them to be sent to you as an email reminder… if you wish.)